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The Toxic Polygon of Trauma

This toxic triangle of relationships is guaranteed to injure all. Systems are not what they used to be. These days, there are experts at organization who look at the relational fields established in different types of structures. They create relational fields which work. Employees are motivated to work efficiently, while management directs and shifts methodologies to keep up with the changing environment. Effective structures are essential for maintaining a company in a competitive, capitalist environment.

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A for Accepted and DA for Do it Again

From our earliest days in school, before we are even aware that we exist, we learn that it feels really good when you get work back with an A on top. We learn to love those As. Pretty soon, we become distressed if we don’t get an A. Or if we never get an A, we can become fearful or apathetic. We start to hate all the other grades, because they are less than that A. We start to view lower grades as failures and judge ourselves as not adequate and beat ourselves up. But why? What does each of those grades actually mean? Are we ranking intelligence? Are we ranking ability to gather and process information in exactly the way demanded by the teachers? Against whom are we ranked? It is a very unsettling way of moving forward with knowledge. I prefer 2 grades, A for Accepted and DA for Do it Again.

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The 4 Driving Questions

Driving ourselves into success seems to be a mandate of our culture. The puritan founders extolled that “If you aren’t suffering, you aren’t working hard enough.” In the traditional classroom, teachers set the bar for the students to strive to attain. Some soar, but some struggle, some can’t. The hero’s quest is installed at an early age. There is a story in our culture, “As soon as I accomplish this goal, I will be successful.”

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