1000 Thank You's

“Sending you a thousand thank you’s for opening my eyes as a parent…really, you are a Parent Whisper too! Thank you again for your time, Elizabeth.”
Alexis Baker
Santa Clarita, CA
“You changed my life!”
Samantha Raskin
Santa Clarita, CA
 “I am so grateful to you Elizabeth — eyes literally tearing up — for ALL you’ve done for my daughter.  I couldn’t ask for a better mentor for both my girls. You’ve had such a wonderful impact on their lives. They adore you, as do I."
Holly Van Houton, PHD
Frasier Park, CA

Manifesting His Dream

“Elizabeth, you are absolutely amazing. I have had the greatest of pleasures watching my nephew take wing and fly under your guidance. You have helped him connect to the deepest yearnings of his heart while also helping him find the discipline and the courage to make it happen. He has become focused. He’s grounded. He’s organized. He’s no longer on the sidelines talking about what he might do or what he wants to do or what he can do or cannot do. Now he’s in the game, manifesting his dream. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”   
Stan Stahl, PHD
Los Angeles, CA

You Are My Angel

“You are my angel – love you!! Thank you for being such an amazing support.”
Wendy Doulton, "The HeadHuntress"
Santa Monica, CASanta Monica, CA
“Elizabeth has been an incredible life coach. I have been “stuck” in a certain area in my life for so long and she gets right to the solution. Her intuitiveness is amazing and gentle. I will be forever grateful for all she has done for me. What a gift. Thank you, Elizabeth! You are amazing.”
Ruberta Burke
Burbank, CA

Thank You For Being in My Life

“Elizabeth is not only a dynamic and professional coach, but I found that she was able to work with me at such a personally inspirational level that I achieved more in 2 weeks than I had in 2 years. I look forward to our continuing relationship because I now know that I will be living a life beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you, Elizabeth, for being in my life.”
Kerry Halliday PhD
Brighton, UK

Individual Enrichment

“Elizabeth has a fantastic ability to challenge clients to look at areas of their lives that might be holding them back.  She’s also great at helping clients see their strengths, and to draw the benefits out of challenges clients face–where others see problems, she sees opportunities.  Elizabeth has a special knack for understanding the diverse needs of those with different learning styles and helping generate positive solutions that work!”
Elizabeth Scott, MFT
Burbank, CA

Highly Recommended

“My daughter, Natalie, has benefited from your knowledge and creativity so much this year.”
Santa Clarita, CA
“Elizabeth is a great listener. She is very enthusiastic and eager to help. Elizabeth has a wealth of experience and will work toward creating a very personalized solution to fit your needs. I highly recommend her.”
Carol Ring
Valencia, CA
“My daughter, Natalie, has benefited from your knowledge and creativity so much this year.”
Santa Clarita, CA

Real Life Example

Thank you! YOU are a big reason that I had the courage to pull him out of class in the 4th grade when school was failing him. I have never regretted that decision to let him find his own path. Now, damon is a joyful and well adjusted 16 year old who loves working with his hands. Thanks to the freedom in his life, he has gotten to try his hand at all kinds of real life jobs in the community (roofing, plumbing, painting, restoration art projects for local businesses, metal-smithing, feeding the homeless) but his real love has been working on car, which he has been doing with a mentor for more than a year now. He is going into the auto mechanics program at the local community college. Exciting times! Thanks for your encouragement in the early days of homeschooling, and for being a real life example of how great these kids turn out!

An Investment in His Life

“I just want to let you know how much I value what you are to my son.  Not so much WHAT you’re doing, though these are exciting and thought-provoking sessions, but WHO you’ve become to him.  You really are that mentor. Close as a parent and in some ways, closer.  He feels he can trust you and talk to you about exciting and scary ideas and not be evaluated or critiqued the way a parent might.  He feels you are as invested in him as I am, but without the messy dynamics of “mom”.   With you, my son has someone who knows him well (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and sees a diamond in the rough.  You have a unique background and diverse experience to really help him realize that the only limitations before him are the ones he creates.  I know you’re encouraging him to see opportunity in what may at first appear to be an obstacle.  When faced with rejection, don’t become REJECTED.  Rather, see it as a life lesson.   I think to hear praise and even criticism from someone other than family, can be much more constructive.  When I tell him he looks handsome, or has a nice smile he’ll usually respond with, “well, you’re my mom.  You’re supposed to say that.”  Ugh.  What am I to do???  I know he likes hearing praise from us, but it’s tempered by the source.  Criticism (constructive) is also taken less objectively.  He tends to take it personally as opposed to an effort to correct a certain behavior that would actually benefit him. In any event, I appreciate all that you are for him.  I consider your time with my son to be an investment in his life.  I’m so grateful to have had you in his life” ~
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