Elizabeth James Johnson

As the Founder of New Edge Academy and a Homeschool Teacher, Elizabeth has worked with children of various ages, skill levels, strengths and challenges. She has developed techniques to reach many different children; including those with processing issues such as ADD, ADHD and Autism Spectrum. Overcoming Dyslexia and utilizing the accompanying gifts has helped Elizabeth guide her students as well as her two sons, one who is gifted and the other diagnosed with ADD.

Qualifications & Special Training

On Training Animals

“When training an animal, there is a fine line between when the animal is learning and when the animal is done. We carefully assess the animal’s engagement and stop the session before the animal has had enough so that we can end on a good note. If we know this about training animals, why do we demand that our children stay in sessions way longer than they are capable of engaging?”

EWJ Expressions

As a Successful Artist, expressing her vision of the beauty of nature, she finds surprising, innovative solutions to challenges. Using her creative capabilities to look at things from a different angle, she understands intrinsic motivation and how to get kids to think creatively. Living and working in countries all over the world, Elizabeth has developed a sensitivity to differences in cultures and consistencies in the human condition. This has given her tremendous insight into boundaries and motivation. She built community partnerships and facilitated programs such as seminars, book fairs and social clubs for homeschooled children and families and introduced these programs to schools.

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