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Mar 4, 3:30PM

10 week course

Makawao Hi


Dance to the Moon

A space where kids can come to play improvisational movement games to allow them to explore and articulate their bodies, minds, and creative spirits! Classes will include movement vocabulary in standard jazz and modern dance including, warm-ups, stretches, steps/combinations, and strengthening exercises. Along with the codified portion of class, students will partake in exercises designed to help each individual discover their voice and encourage Maui’s young bodies and minds to express themselves freely! Driven by what the 12 students that will comprise the class are curious about or interested in within the performing arts, we will write and share songs, create sculptures with our bodies, do drawing exercises in seeing objectively and to understand the differences between live arts and fine arts, do partnering and other choreographic tasks, and learn theater games and Shakespeare scenes. Every class will open with a sound/movement check in circle and end with the kids sharing their creations with one another. Through colors, whispers, singing, clapping, piano, dancing and making believe your keiki will explore their imaginations and break out of their shells. Feet opening, joint warm ups, stretches, and core exercises will be done every class to allow for optimal and safe movement. Jazz, hip hop, lyrical, and world music will be used for across the floor exercises and dance combinations the students will learn. A ballet barre introduction might be taught one week to expose the kids to the experience of classical dance training if they are interested. And by the end of the 10 week course, each student will pick a piece of music to do a choreographic exercise in small groups, or with the full class! I look forward to meeting your little movers and shakers!


Meet Ariella Uilani Rose

Ariella has been dancing since she was age four. At her first performance, her Kumu Hula had her kahea (call out the verses to) their hula on the castle theater stage. Ever since, she has been in love with and dedicated to learning about and training in the performing arts. She studied classical ballet and contemporary with the Alexander Academy of Performing Arts and was a part of the Seabury Hall Dance Ensemble during high school. After graduating, Ariella moved to New York City to continue pursuing her love of dance, dance theater, choreography, and performance at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. For Ariella, movement never lies, and she see’s dancing as one of the greatest tools for personal discovery and growth.

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